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The Bakers’ Forum Requests a Very Urgent Meeting With You on the 27 January 2017 at your Offices

Attention:  Hon Herman Mashaba

The above mentioned group of Baking Co-operatives who registered their Legal Entities with CIPRO in pursuit of available Bread Baking Business Opportunities within their own communities and broader areas where the demand for their products exists, wish to request a very urgent meeting with you to be held on Friday 27 January 2017, so that the following burning issues can be addressed.

The urgent matter arises as a sequel to the threats you have made to have their Baking Businesses closed down at dates which have been stipulated in the letters which were dispatched to their business premises on Monday 23 January 2017. It has taken a lot of blood and sweat, patience, endurance, training on Health Matters, Skills Development, Awareness on Legal Matters, Broad Entrepreneurship Skills on Baking and Administration of Small Businesses which we now own and expect more to be opened as per our Contractual Agreement with Joburg City. All this Development spans over 2 years of waiting, and just when we thought we have arrived, and beginning to make serious inroads and projections on the future of our Baking Enterprises, you announce through the Media and Memorandum within your offices the demise and destruction of your fellow Black Sufferers’ first ray of hope since great Oppression, Slavery and Colonialism, which spans over 300 years. Just when we thought it safe to enjoy our first fruits of freedom, you decide on your own to close down our Bakeries which give access to our communities, the most needed nutrition and access to employment and new lifetime skills in baking, they so deserve at this time of their lives.

We are very keen to know from you Mr Mayor, how did you:

  • Arrive at a conclusion or taken a decision to close down our Bread Project without engaging us in the process or without our involvement in your decision. Is this a democratic process?
  • Give us sufficient time as Emerging Entrepreneurs, to prove that this Project is “Vanity” or a success.
  • Cessation of All Baking Projects including our anticipated Mango Flour Factory which we expected to create new skills in manufacturing and transfer of technology from Philippines who have a Well-Researched Technology on Health Properties of Mango Fruit which is available in abundance in our Limpopo Rural Area. You have hardly enquired from us, the drivers of this project how this new factory was going to symbolize in creation of new hope to our Rural Mothers in Venda and Tzaneen through their constant and secure supply of their Mango which grows in their own backyards, it did not dawn on you the alleviation of their financial burden through procurement of their “Beloved Fruit”. You did not care to know from us the ‘Mango Health Bread Bakers’ that this is the same Legacy of ‘Rooibos’ in the Cape which is being brought in to empower the same women whose language you also speak, who would gather the Mango knowing that there’s a definite market for their produce.
  • You possibly had no understanding or vision of the value this Mango Factory would bring about in terms of Export Potential for Gauteng Province and South Africa, as we were poised to open up new Franchise Bakeries across the African Continent, as you well know the levels of starvation and poverty with women and children being the worst victims, this project was also going to create new entrepreneurship within the African Continent. Bread, which you take for granted, as you and your family enjoy toast when you need some, is a very scarce commodity out there and they always strive and are desperate for it.
  • It is our feeling that we have been seriously betrayed and shabbily treated ‘by our own’ on a matter of crucial economic importance. The worst scenario is that you hardly ever called an ‘Imbizo’, in order to put your views across and to invite ours as entrepreneurs.
  • You are, possibly not even aware of the fact that this is the Project which was mooted by ourselves as enthusiastic, emerging bakers who had identified a niche market within our own communities, in consultation with Joburg City and they brought on board their ‘developed thinking’ by embarking on a research and adding value on matters of health as you will clearly know the situation of our Health Institutions in terms of the diseases they are confronted with and our lifestyles which results into Heart disease, Diabetes, and other forms of Undernourishment.

We therefore wish to see you on Friday 27 January 2017.




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