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JSM Memorandum for Gauteng Legislature & City of Johannesburg

We have noted in the last five months of taking office that the Mayor of Johannesburg has been in a witch hunt instead of showing leadership and steering Johannesburg in the right direction.
Mayor Mashaba has proven to lack experience in governance and running the city.

This is evident in his utterances, conduct and decisions he has taken thus far.  What is disturbing is that Clr. Mashaba continues to look at himself as a DA Mayor and not the Mayor of Johannesburg.

We want to remind Clr. Mashaba the campaign season has come and gone and it’s now that he should be functioning in his executive role as the Mayor of all citizens of Johannesburg.

We would like to highlight some of the decisions and utterances that are driving to strongly advocate for his immediate removal from office.

  • Sexist remarks about female metro employees
  • Uncertainty created in the metro with Jozi@Work programme
  • Termination of the Jozi bread
  • Termination of the Jozi mushroom farms
  • Firing of Councillor Anthony still as MMC because he wanted to follow due process
  • Employment of CWP participants permanently
  • The fight against drugs and the recent Rosettenville protests
  • Xenophobic statements to all foreigners


On Sexist remarks about female Metro employees

Clr. Mashaba labelled women as getting work on the basis of knowing male counterparts.

Incompetency in the female metro employees.

Request to Gauteng Legislature:

  1. Adopt the programs that are threatened and or terminated by Clr. Mashaba into Provincial Programmes.
  2. Engage with the Joburg City Council to protect the above mentioned programmes thereby ensuring a growing economy and protection of jobs and livelihoods of our communities.
  3. Provision of WIFI to all our communities


We will await a response in 21 Days!!

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