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Open Letter to the Interim Mayor of Johannesburg: Poverty of Ideas

Yet again Herman Mashaba fails to grasp the fundamentals of governance and how it evolves. He continues to insist that we the citizens of the City of Joburg must do our own litter picking. If he had been an activist or belonged to any youth club growing up, he would have known that volunteerism has always been in existence and that by initiating the ‘aresebetseng’ programme he has not done anything new, he has taken us back. Cleaning campaigns have been in existence since the advent of democracy in South Africa. It was done through various programmes including but not limited to National Youth Services (NYS) and many other government and civil society NPO’s.

Former Mayor and now President of UCLG Cllr Parks Tau progressively moved from mere volunteerism and introduced the jozi@work programme understanding fully that sustainable programmes are needed to ensure the city is serviced. Instead of learning and moving from a vantage point Herman Mashaba decides to reinvent the wheel. He cancels a progressive programme and replaces it with what has been done before over many years.
His thinking is clearly stagnant and he doesn’t care for the people of Joburg especially those in under privileged and under developed areas. Instead he embarks on a vanity programme to appease his masters.

It has been over a year since he was appointed into office and he still doesn’t have tangible programmes with tangible results. Mashaba lacks the creativity, innovation and the science to take us forward as a city. He takes one step forward and two backwards, which mathematically means we are NOT going to get to a specific destination. Of course that works well for him since there is no destination to be reached. He has no vision to rally people behind. After all he was not voted in by majority of the electorate. He governs on a mere technicality called coalition.

One thing that is certain is that as a young person I can no longer sit by and watch him tear down what used to be a world class African city. He has reduced it to just another city in Africa. This situation can no longer be allowed to continue any longer. The city is running on auto pilot with no one at the helm.

We therefore edge Herman to do the honourable thing and resign. Let people with requisite skills to run the City.

Young people must rise up in their numbers to demonstrate that AsinaMayor.

Issued by
Floyd Tsitsi Mojapelo


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