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In the aftermath of the 2016 Local Government Elections in South Africa that saw the African National Congress (ANC) lose strategic Metros, particularly Johannesburg considered the economic hub of the country. Several non-governmental organisations who share in the vision of the City as captured by the Growth and Development Strategy 2040 – City of Johannesburg,  have decided to collaborate around a common agenda and through an umbrella coalition body called: Johannesburg Social Movement (JSM).


Mission Statement

To ensure the interests and problems facing citizens in and around Johannesburg are taken up with the new City of Johannesburg coalition government.


Aims & Objectives

The Johannesburg Social Movement is a regional movement of people and voluntary-non-profit organisations who are concerned about the fundamental transformation of the city of Johannesburg.



The Johannesburg Social Movement aims to mobilize the citizens of Johannesburg around common problems and campaign through lobbying and advocating for their common interests.



  • To promote understanding of the common grounds and shared goals between affiliate organisations and other social justice movements
  • To provide spaces and opportunities for activists to come together to generate and share knowledge on effective approaches, strategies and conceptual frameworks
  • To influence how the City of Johannesburg allocates resources in its budgeting processes
  • To influence the City of Johannesburg’s policy choices as they impact on the people
  • To monitor and report on the performance of the City
  • To campaign for citizens’ rights



  • Respect for other people’s views and experience
  • Care



  • Support for responsible citizens
  • Appreciate differences