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Joburg Social Movement Rejects Mashaba’s Claims of ANC Affiliation

Johannesburg – The Johannesburg Social Movement on Thursday denied Mayor Herman Mashaba’s claims that it was an ANC-aligned organisation.It was not a party-aligned movement and they had members from the DA, IFP, and EFF in their ranks, JSM spokesperson Tshepang Mokgatla said.“That is why even when councillors of the ANC

JSM Memorandum for Gauteng Legislature & City of Johannesburg

We have noted in the last five months of taking office that the Mayor of Johannesburg has been in a witch hunt instead of showing leadership and steering Johannesburg in the right direction. Mayor Mashaba has proven to lack experience in governance and running the city. This is evident in his utterances,

‘We Want Mashaba Removed’

Johannesburg – A social movement that represents the interests of non-governmental organisations in the city has come out with guns blazing against Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba for allegedly being uncaring for his constituency. The Johannesburg Social Movement, which is a network of NGOs, non-profit organisations, co-operatives and business forums, said Mashaba’s

Johannesburg Social Movement Calls for Mashaba’s Removal

With only about six months in office the new Mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba is under fire. Mashaba is accused of not fulfilling his promises and prioritising impressing the Democratic Alliance (DA) and not community members of Johannesburg. The Johannesburg Social Movement wants Mashaba to be fired immediately. The movement says Mashaba is trying

Johannesburg Social Movement Calls on Mashaba to Step Down

The movement says it's unhappy with the scrapping of the Jozi@Work programme which it says will leave 8,000 people without work. JOHANNESBURG - The Johannesburg Social Movement says the city’s Mayor Herman Mashaba must step down because of the many decisions he’s making without consulting residents in the process. The movement which

We feel betrayed, say Jozi@Work workers

Johannesburg – The cancellation of the City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) flagship programme Jozi@Work will have a dire impact on those employed under it. A Joburg resident who found employment through the programme said cancelling it would lead to an increase in the number of unemployed. This comes after CoJ executive mayor Herman